Once the design of the residence has been agreed, planning permission obtained and a date set for the start of construction we then begin our marketing and sales program. Our marketing material includes brochures, investment simulations, mortgage simulations, videos, images and a website. There are a number of different marketing channels that we employ to obtain a national and international reach.

Agent network:

Over the past 13 years we have built up a network of estate agents, international property brokers and IFAs that regularly promote our developments to their clients. With the support of our marketing materials and back-office we provide the tools to enable these partners to make sales on our behalf.

Our websites:

Our websites are regularly maintained and updated to ensure the best customer experience possible by providing easily navigable information on properties, taxes, finance and more while making it easy to contact us for more details.

Property portals:

We are visible on all the main property portals such as Rightmove, Primelocation, Zoopla, Seloger and more.

Social media:

We regularly update our social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter to keep customers and partners up to date with what we are doing and what is going on the market with relevant news and articles. We also regularly carry out targeted marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to promote our business and properties.

Newsletters & flyers:

Once or twice a month we sent out information on new property launches or useful information on the property market for those that subscribe to us.

Public Relations:

When appropriate we carry out a PR campaign to ensure newsworthy articles are published in relevant newspapers and property magazines.

In-house sales team:

In order to deal with the direct enquires that come through we have an in-house sales team who can provide answers and information but also explain the process and ensure that buyers are comfortable and knowledgeable before proceeding. 
As part of our sales service we also have a department dealing with all the administration related to the sale and the setting up of the management partnership between the purchaser and ourselves. For the build perspective this involves going through the purchasers requirements and potentially adjusting or changing the property plans but also the equipment, furniture, fixtures and fittings as necessary. The sales aspect involves guiding the purchaser at each step of the process, preparing sales and rental management contracts and following up with the French notaire to ensure the process is running smoothly and all paperwork has been completed and returned correctly. Crucially this service is in English and French so that the entire process is clear and well understood.