There are two aspects to our rental management: Maintenance & Rental. Here we go though the various services we provide bearing in mind that much is provided free of charge as part of our after sales service while others incur a fee.

Once the marketing has been finished, finance secured for clients, sales completed and the residence has been finished we can then turn to the preparation of the properties for rental and the opening of the residence. The management of our residences is built on services as much as anything else and here we will outline both the steps taken to prepare the properties for rental but also the various aspects of our rental management service.

Preparation of the properties:

Before the keys are handed over to owners or to rent paying guests the properties have to be fully prepared and checked. The furniture, equipment, appliances, decorations etc are all set-up as part of our interior design service but it is still some way from being ready to use. Below is a summary of what needs to be done:

1)    Connection to utilities: Each property has its own utilities contracts. Typically in France when a builder hands a property over they will leave you to get the property connected to the utilities. This means gathering the various certificates approving the works conform to the legal standards and then contacting each utilities provider to set up a contract. This can be a long and sometimes difficult process especially if there are some anomalies that need to be sorted out and when you are hundreds of miles away and don’t speak the language fluently these things can be difficult and tiresome to arrange. When you add the various utilities together: Gas, electric, water, sewage, telecoms and TV the workload begins to pile up however should you sign a rental management agreement with us we take care of all that hassle for you.
2)    Snagging list: There are always things that need to be sorted out before the property is fully ready and typically the purchaser comes over and spends a day going over the property in fine detail for any issues they are not happy with. This will include checking and testing all white goods, kitchen equipment, washbasins, sinks, showers and bath tubs are all functioning correctly but also lights, tiles, door handles, gates, cupboards, sockets, painting etc are all up to scratch and if there is a pool or Jacuzzi too then that they are all functioning properly.
3)    Deep clean: Properties are usually delivered in a “mostly clean” state but this does not usually stand up to the scrutiny of paying guests which is why we organise a deep and detailed clean of the property before anyone moves in.
4)    Preparation of equipment: If there is a pool or Jacuzzi then these will need to be filled up with all the appropriate chemicals added and timers set etc. This also goes for any sprinkler system that is added.

Services provided:

1)    Marketing of the residence: There is a big difference between a professional on-site management company and a local agency that rents out a mixture of different properties on behalf of owners. Our management company has partnerships with tour operators and international platforms that only work with professional management companies that manage an entire residence. We have partnerships with Expedia, and many others that a regular agent would be unlikely to have access to. We also have numerous other marketing channels similar to those mentioned in the Sales & Marketing section and receive repeat business from happy customers. As such we can reach a much better occupancy rate and therefore earn a better rental income for owners. 
2)    Rental income estimate: We provide owners with an estimate of what we expect the property to earn each year less commission and running costs.
3)    Online booking tracking: We give owner’s access to the bookings made online so they can see how many bookings they have and at what price and see quickly what weeks they have blocked for themselves and make last minute trips over if their property in unexpectedly available. 
4)    Welcome at reception: When people arrive they enter our reception building and are greeted by one of our friendly staff who will carry out the check in for them.
5)    Property check-in and check-out: Once checked in at reception clients are taken to their property where they are shown all the various equipment and appliances and how they work but also offer useful information and answer questions. Guides are sent to guests in advance and also left at the property to provide essential but also useful information for their stay. This includes instructions on how to operate the equipment but also house rules, recommended taxis, doctors, shops, restaurants, beaches petrol stations, local markets, festivals, local attractions, activities and more. On check-out any damage is noted and taken out of the guest’s deposit so there are no nasty surprises for the owner.
6)    Preparation of beds and bathrooms with sheets, duvets, pillows, towels, bath matts etc
7)    Concierge service: Concierge services are typically limited to 4 or 5 star hotels in France and are rarely offered on holiday residences. This is something that we feel needs to change as a significant percentage of holiday makers want this service but can’t get it. This is particularly true of wealthier international holiday makers who either don’t speak the language or simply don’t want the hassle to have to do research and then organise things by themselves. On our residences we take all the headache out of that and supply our guests with full info on the area including the best beaches, local markets, festivals, vineyards, activities, taxis, restaurants and more. We can also book in private chefs, nannies, masseuses, beauty therapists and arrange wine tasting excursions, mountain biking trips, group surf lessons etc to make our guests’ stays as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
8)    Property maintenance: In order to ensure guests and owners have the best possible experience maintenance of the properties is crucial. This includes maintenance and cleaning of the pool, Jacuzzi and garden but also the shared areas and sports facilities plus making repairs/replacements as and when needed to appliances and the villa itself. If there are ever bigger issues with the plumbing or electricity for example we take care of all that too.
9)    Bill payments: Where payments cannot be automated we take care of payment of utilities and the cost of maintenance and repairs on the owners behalf (taken from the rental income) so he/she doesn’t have to deal with bills every month. Rental income is then paid quarterly to owners less commissions and disbursements made on the owner’s behalf.

As you can see then with the services we provide there is nothing for the owner to do but to sit back and enjoy the rental income and the use of his/her villa when it suits them. We also arrange an accountant for the owner to deal with the yearly tax returns.